POSITIVE Results Cash FX Make your Money Work for You

Make your money work for you –  check out our 12 month trading results and the income disclaimer at the bottom of this post

There’s a saying that “If you put 500 employees to work for you maybe 300 will give you some effort, BUT put £500 to work and EVERY penny will give you it’s all”

That’s what we have here with our Automated Forex Trading Platform.

There are now more than 80,000 members in over 180 countries Worldwide, who are benefiting from this system and it is set to explode during the coming months and years.

The global membership have had nothing but positive results during the last 14 months of operations, in fact they have been so good that all you need to do is share.

This is a great time to join an opportunity as so many people facing job losses and financial ruin in this current climate that we are faced with.

We feel it is our Obligation to keep sharing, as we don’t want anyone saying “I WISH YOU HAD TOLD ME ABOUT THIS EARLIER!”

NOW is the time to take your chance and join us on this epic journey to financial and time freedom.


Listed below are the last 12 Month of positive trade results, these are the actual percentage returns received by each and every member.

Oct 2019 = 33.83%

Nov 2019 = 50.07%

Dec 2019 = 30.96%

Jan 2020 = 28.95%

Feb 2020 = 37.09% – – – I Joined here

Mar 2020 = 28.90%

Apr 2020 = 21.42%

May 2020 = 25.10%

Jun 2020 = 23.34%

Jul 2020 = 26.13%

Aug 2020 = 30.21%

Sept 2020 = 28.24%


How do these Monthly percentages compare to your Bank/Savings/Pension/ISA Annual returns?

Here are some of the questions we often get asked

Is there a joining fee?……………….No

Are there monthly fees?………….No

Do I have to sell anything?……….No

Do I have to recruit anybody?. …No

Is the company registered?……..Yes

Are the Trades real?……………….Yes, (We can see the live trades)

Do I have to do the trading? …… No, (This is done by our in house traders working in partnership with our highly regulated & Award winning Brokers EverFX)

Are you paid regularly? …………… Yes

Can I withdraw?……………………..Yes

Is there room for growth?……….Yes, The Global Forex Market is currently worth over $6 Trillion a day)

There is no previous experience required here and we give every member support and training on an ongoing basis and if you build your belief and decide to share this platform with others (which is optional) then there are even bigger rewards available to you.

We just wanted to make you aware of what is available to everyone with this platform.

So, If you are interested and want to learn more just email me at: admin@automatedforextradingonline.com – it’s as simple as that……I will share more information with you so you can then make an informed decision for yourself…….Sound Fair 🤔🤔

Income Disclaimer: There is no Guarantee that you will make any money and to make significant income from any business online, it takes hard work, consistency and maximum efforts/action. Never put more than you are willing to lose and always remember that past performance never guarantees future profits! There are no guarantees!

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